Day: May 27, 2015


Varkala Beach, Thiruvanandapuram

Varkala Beach is situated north end border of Thiruvanandapuram. It is an important Hindu center of pilgrimage. Varkala beach is calm and beautiful beach which provide a cool experience to the tourists. Varkala beach is also known as ‘Papanasham Beach’. Varkala Beach got the name ‘papanasham beach’ by a mythical

Kuthiramalika Palace-Trivandrum

Kuthiramalika Palace, Thiruvanandapuram

Kuthiramalika Palace is one of the major attractions of Thiruvanandapuram district. It is also called Putthan Malika palace. This palace got its name Kuthiramalika due to the design of 122 houses carved in wood which supports the roof of the palace. Kuthiramalika palace was constructed by Swathithirunal Rama Varma in


Ponmudi, Thiruvanandapuram

Ponmudi is a beautiful hill station located in Thiruvanandapuram. Ponmudi hill station is an extension of the Western Ghats and runs parallel to the Arebian Sea. Ponmudi is situated 62 kms away from Thiruvanandapuram with an altitude of 1100 meter, above the sea level.  Ponmudi offer fabulous experience with clean