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Peruvannamoozhy Dam-Kozhikkode

Peruvannamoozhy Dam, Kozhikkode

Peruvannamoozhy Dam is a beautiful tourist spot, which is situated at 60 km from Kozhikkode. The height of dam project is 35m and it is the main source for drinking water of surrounded villages. Here speedboat and row boat facility is available. There is a beautiful garden “smaraka tottam” that

Mananchira Square-Kozhikkode

Mananchira Square, Kozhikkode

Mananchira Square is a beautiful park which is located in Kozhikkode district. There is a man made fresh water lake situated near this park. Mananchira square is considered as the heart of the Calicut. The historic maithan, adjacent to Manachira has been converted into an arcadia with beautiful trees and

Pazassiraja Museum and Art Gallery, Kozhikkode

Pazassiraja Museum and Art Gallery is famous tourist place which located at Kozhikkode district. Pazassiraja Museum and Art Gallery was established in1976. The museum and the art gallery are named after the great Kerala Varma Pazassi raja, he is popularly called as the lion of Kerala. This museum houses ancient

Regional Science Center and Planetarium -kozhikode

Regional Science Center and Planetarium, Kozhikkode

Regional Science Center and Planetarium is situated at Jaffar Khan colony in Kozhikkode district. This planetarium revels the structure of different planets and the origin of universe as well as the wonders about the birth and death of stars. Science Planetarium provides a perfect environment that explores the wonders of