Koyikkal Palace, Thiruvanandapuram


Koyikkal Palace, Thiruvanandapuram is a beautiful historical palace situated in Thiruvanandapuram district. The palace stands between Ponmudi hills station and Kuttalam waterfalls. Koyikkal palace is built by Umayamma Rani of Venad Royal Family. Now it is become one of the main tourist places in Thiruvanandapuram. The houses place two museums it is the main attraction of Koyikkal Palace. The museums are the Folklore Museum and Numismatics Museum which is set up by the Department of Archaeology of Kerala. Folklore Museum was established in 1992 which occupies first floor of the palace it houses number of precious royal things like musical instruments, occupational tools, utensils, folk art models etc. Numismatics Museum is located ground floor of the palace here there is a large collection of coins, ornaments, swords, spears etc.

District                             : Thiruvanandapuram

Nearest Bus Station            : Thiruvanandapuram Bus Station (at a distance of 18km)

Nearest Railway Station    : Thiruvanandapuram Railway Station (at a distance of 18km)

Nearest Airport                   : Thiruvanandapuram International Airport (at a distance of 24km)

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