Veli Beach, Thiruvanandapuram

Veli Beach-Trivandrum

Veli Beach is situated at Thiruvanandapuram. Veli Beach is one of the beautiful beaches with a park near to it. This picnic spot were the Veli Lake meets the Arabian Sea. The major attraction of veli beach is the boating facility and beautiful green garden. Shankumugham beach is neat by veli beach. It is famous tourist spot in Thiruvanandapuram.
Veli Beach-Trivandrum

District                             : Thiruvanandapuram

Nearest Bus Station            : Thiruvanandapuram Bus Station (at a distance of 10km)

Nearest Railway Station    : Thiruvanandapuram Railway Station (at a distance of 10km)

Nearest Airport                   : Thiruvanandapuram International Airport (at a distance of 12 km)

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